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Headers for Hackers: Wrangling HTTP Like a Pro

HTTP has been gradually adding lots of new and exotic headers, and more are on the way. Learn about current best practices with Vary, Link, Content-Security-Policy, Referrer-Policy, Client-Hints, Clear-Site-Data and Alt-Svc, upcoming features such as Feature-Policy and proposals like Variants, Early-Hints, and Origin-Policy. HTTP gives you incredibly powerful control over many aspects of the way…

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Vulnerability in Simcard can let attacker globally control millions of mobile phone

#WIBattack: Vulnerability in WIB sim-browser can let attackers globally take control of hundreds of millions of the victim mobile phones worldwide to make a phone call, send SMS to any phone numbers, send victim’s location, launch WAP browser, etc. Ginno Security Lab, we researched security in Simcard and discovered the vulnerability in both WIB Simcard-browser…